Photoelectric Converter

Design Reference

Verification regulation of time calibrator


To verify actuation time of machinery such as stroke time of stopwatch fixture, bullet flying speed, objects rotating speed, etc.

To count by pieces in production line.


High precision photoelectric detector is introduced to ensure the accuracy and reliable.

Easy to use, high cost performance



Metrological Service, factory, institutions, scientific research units


Basic information
Converting accuracy≤0.1ms
Detected distance≤1m
Detected objectUntransparent objects with ≥Φ2mm
Output +12V Square
AdapterInput AC100-220V, 50/60Hz, output DC+12V
PowerTotal current consumption ≤50mA for transmitting and receiving terminals
Required Test DeviceFrequency Counter or Oscilloscope
General Characteristic
Working EnvironmentTemperature: 0~+40℃, RH:20~80%
Dimension & Weight185×120×90mm, approx. 3KGs

Standard Accessories

Power Cord: 2

THX-120200KD power adapter: 2

BNC Cable: 1

CD (Users Guide): 1