Stopwatch Calibrator



* High resolution of crystal oscillator with accuracy

  up to 5×10-8

* Quick response

* Easy operation suitable for metrological service,

  factory, academy and scientific research institution

  to calibrate all kinds of timer instruments

Questions & Answer

SF2002 Stopwatch Calibrator

Q: What does the SF2002 calibrator is used for?

A: SF2002 stopwatch calibrator could also be called stopwatch verification device or time calibrator and designed as requirement of JJG237-2010 stopwatch verification regulation, it could be used to verify mechanical stopwatch and electronic stopwatch, pointer electrical stopwatch, digital electrical stopwatch, etc. By measuring the standard time interval signal, the measured device can get the actual measurement value of standard time interval signal, so as to get the measuring error of the detected instrument and achieve the purpose of verification.


Q: Could calibration certificate be supplied if order SF2002?

A: Yes, the calibration certificate issued by the third metrology institute could be supplied but it’s chargeable. Please check cost with salesman when you place order.


Mechanical stopwatch and electronic stopwatch
Input RangeT0:1s~99999s
Pointer electronic stopwatch
Input RangeT0:0.1s~99999s(Continous, Trigger and Pause)
Accuracy<±(Mains frequency accuracy×T0+0.6ms)
Digital electronic stopwatch
Input RangeT0:0.1ms~9999.9s
Crystal Oscillator
Nominal Frequency10MHz
Daily Aging Rate≤5×10-9/day
Second Stability≤5×10-11/s
Warm up Time>2 hours
General Characteristics
Power220(1±10%)V, 50(1±5%)Hz, <20VA

Standard Accessories

Power Cord:1pcs

CD(User's Guide):1pcs

Dual banana plug test lead:2pcs

BNC-banana test lead:1pcs


Test Fixture

Certificate issued by third party