100MHz-40GHz Universal Frequency Counter/Timer/Analyzer


SS7406 frequency counter / timer / analyzer packs the functionality of a frequency counter, frequency meter and timer into one feature-rich instrument. With higher resolution, you can capture very small frequency and time changes. Meantime it offers comprehensive analysis modes, including measurement statistics, histograms, and trend chart. 

100MHz-40GHz general purpose and RF frequency counter/timer for all your frequency and time interval measurement needs. the SS7406 offers resolution capability of up to 11 bits/second single frequency resolution on a one second gate. Single interval measurements can be resolved down to 25 ps. The SS7406 offers new built-in analysis and plotting capabilities to maximize the insight and information you gain.

SS7406 Universal Frequency Counter Applications

Test & Measurement, R&D, education, production

SS7406 Universal Frequency Counter Design Features

Two 200MHz general-purpose channels

Typical 25ps single-shot time resolution

11 digits/s frequency resolution

Optional 5×10–10/day high-stability time base

4.3' TFT-LCD display to show abundant information

Firm and sophisticated standard 2U design

Standard interface of RS-232, GPIB and LAN


Advance function interface

1. Frequency measurement up to 40GHz (option)

SS7406 Universal Frequency Counter

2. Visible Trend Chart

SS7406 Universal Frequency Counter

3. Visible Histogram

SS7406 Universal Frequency Counter

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Question& Answer From SS7406 Frequency Counter/Timer/Analyzer

Q:Does the frequency counter SS7406 come standard with a GPIB interface?

A: Yes, GPIB is standard interface on SS7406 and users don’t need to order it additionally.

Q:Can the counter SS7406 make simultaneous measurements on CH1 and CH2?

A: No. The channels are independent and can be configured separately, however, they do not have separate processors that would allow simultaneous measurements.

Q: If I want to measure Frequency up to 18GHz, how could I configure the channel option?

A: You can choose option channel option 20GHz with frequency range 200MHz to 20GHz when you place order, which will be installed on reserved CH3 before factory shipment.

If you already had our SS7406 in hand, you can order separately channel option 20GHz and individual installation will be provided together to guide you how to install it or choose to return your instrument to Suin to perform installation.

SS7406 Universal Frequency Counter

Measuring Function
Frequency RangeChannel 1: 1mHz-200MHz
Channel 2: 1mHz-200MHz

Channel 3: options 3GHz/6.5GHz/12.4GHz/


Measurement Resolution11 digits/s
Time Interval Range1ns-10000s
Time Resolution25ps
Pulse Width1ns-10000s
Duty Cycle1%-99%
Phase Difference1°~359°
Dynamic Range50mVrms~1.0Vrms (Sine), 150mVpp~4.5Vpp (Pulse)
Input Impedance1MΩ//35pF or 50Ω
Coupling ModeAC or DC
Input Attenuation×1 or ×10
Trigger Level-5.000V~+5.000V, min.step 1mV or auto trigger level
Other Functions
Frequency Ratioratio value range:0.00001~999999
Up/Low Limit'Limit'light on shows the result out of range, off shows within range
Statistics CalculationMulti-average, Max, Min, PPM, SD, Allan Variance
Standard Time Base
Daily Aging1×10-8/day
Yearly Aging5×10-7/year
Optional Time Base
Daily Aging5×10-10/day
Yearly Aging5×10-8/year
Channel Options

Frequency RangeDynamic Range


A. -27dBm~+19dBm (100MHz~2.6GHz)                  

    -15dBm~+19dBm (2.6GHz~3GHz)

100MHz~3GHzB. -27dBm~+19dBm

200MHz~20GHz-10dBm~+10dBm (200MHz~350MHz)   
-15dBm~+10dBm (350MHz~18GHz)   
-10dBm~+10dBm (18GHz~20GHz)

10GHz~26.5GHz-20dBm~+10dBm (10GHz~20GHz)
-15dBm~+10dBm (20GHz~24GHz)
-10dBm~+10dBm (24GHz~26.5GHz)
-29dBm~+15dBm (18GHz~20GHz)
-20dBm~+15dBm (20GHz~28GHz)
-29dBm~+10dBm (28GHz~37GHz)
-20dBm~+13dBm (37GHz~40GHz)
Damage Level+20dBm
General Characteristics
InterfaceRS-232, GPIB, LAN

Standard: AC220V (10%), 50Hz (5%), <70VA
Optional: AC110V (10%), 60Hz (5%), <70VA
Dimension & Weight454×97.5×480mm, 7.3Kg

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Standard Accessories

Power Cord:1pcs

BNC Testing cable:1pcs

CD(Software+ User's Guide):1pcs

Universal Frequency Counter

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