9KHz to 3.6GHz RF Signal Generator


Suin’s TFG3836 RF signal generators have a frequency range from 9KHz to 3.6GHz. Except of normal analog modulation such as AM, FM and φM, it can also provide pulse modulation. In addition, sweep capability for frequency and power could also be supported.

With higher accuracy and pure output, the TFG3836 could be the good choice for R&D, education and manufacturer.

Product Model


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Educational laboratories, industrial production lines, development and research applications.


1. Frequency up to3.6GHz


2. 0.01Hz frequency resolution

3. Level output from -110dBm to +13dBm, maximum level up to +20dBm


4. Phase noise: < -105dBc/Hz@20 kHz (typ.)


5. Level accuracy: ≤ 0.5 dB (typ.)


6. Provides standard AM, FM, φM and Pulse modulation (on/off ratio up to 70dBc)


7. 7 inch TFT capacitive touch screen


8. Standard interface include USB Host, USB Device and LAN.

Questions & Answer

From TFG3836 RF Signal Generator, 9kHz to 3.6GHz

Q: Does advance modulation Pulse and Pulse train are supported on TFG3836? Is it an option?

A: Yes, but Pulse modulation and Pulse train same as AM, FM, and øM modulations are standard on the TFG3836. It’s no need for user to pay it additionally.


Q: Is any more high accuracy time base option are available for user to select if higher performance RF output is needed?

A: Yes, optional OCXO improved stability to 0.1ppm and can be purchased and it’s better to confirm and order it before factory shipment, because it’s required to be welded on circuit.


Q: What kind of communicational interfaces are supported on TFG3836?

A: There are 3 types of communication interfaces- USB Device, USB Host and LAN, of which USB Device is used to update device firmware or data storage, while USB Device and LAN are mainly used to carry out remote control between PC and device with help of provided PC software and SCPI commands.

Range9kHz ~ 3.6GHz
Spectral Purity
Harmonic(CW mod, 1MHz≤f≤3.6GHz, level≤+13 dBm)
<-30 dBc 
Non-harmonic(CW mod, level>-10 dBm, carrier offset>10kHz)100kHz≤f≤2.4GHz<-60dBc,<-70 dBc (typ.)
2.4GHz<f≤3.6GHz<-54dBc,<-64 dBc (typ.)
SSB Phase Noise(CW mod, carrier offset=20kHz, 1Hz bandwidth)100kHz≤f≤2.4GHz<-105dBc/Hz,<-110 dBc/Hz (typ.)
2.4GHz<f≤3GHz<-100dBc/Hz,<-105 dBc/Hz (typ.)
3GHz<f≤3.6GHz<-94dBc/Hz,<-105 dBc/Hz (typ.)
Setting Range-110dBm to +20dBm
Specified Range-110dBm to +13dBm
Accuracy100kHz≤f≤3.6GHz≤ 1 dB, ≤ 0.5 (typ.)(output level:+13dBm ~ -10dBm)≤ 2 dB, ≤ 0.7 (typ.)(output level:-60dBm ~ -110dBm)
VSWR1MHz≤f≤3.6GHz<1.8 (typ.)
Internal Modulation Generator (LF)
WaveformSine Square
Frequency Range SineDC~200kHz
Voltage RangeAC: 0 ~ 3v, DC:-3V ~ 3V
FunctionFrequency Sweep, Level Sweep
TypeAM, FM, φM, Pulse modulation
General Characteristics
Power AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz(1±10%), 60VA
Dimension & Weight364×154×388 mm, 6kg

Standard Accessories

Power Cord: 1

N-BNC Connector: 1

CD (Software+User’s Guide): 1



OCXO:  <5×10-7