TFG6900A Series

10MHz/20MHz/30MHz/40MHz/60MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator


TFG6900A Series arbitrary waveform generator is a high cost-effective instrument in your everyday measuring work, with two channels outputs, max frequency range 60MHz, and multi-function. It can make more accurate waveform to meet the laboratory requirement and easily operated.


Product Model



* Dual channel outputs

* 50ppm frequency accuracy and 1μHz resolution

* 5 standard waveforms, 50 built-in and 5 user-defined arbitrary waveforms

* Abundant modulation function FM, AM, PM, PWM, Sum, FSK, BPSK

* Channel coupling and combine features on CHB

* 6 digits/s, 350MHz Build in frequency counter

* Standard interface: USB Host & Device,RS-232


RangeSine1μHz ~ 10MHz1μHz ~ 20MHz1μHz ~ 30MHz1μHz ~ 40MHz1μHz ~ 60MHz
Square, Pulse1μHz ~ 10MHz
others1μHz ~ 5MHz
TypeSine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise,
50 built-in waveforms + 5 user-defined waveforms
Length4096 points
Sample Rate120MSa/s150MSa/s
Vertical Resolution14 bits(CHA); 10 bits(CHB)
Amplitude Characteristics
RangeFrequency≤20MHz0.1mVpp to 10Vpp(50Ω)  0.2mVpp to 20Vpp(Open circuit)
Frequency>20MHz0.1mVpp to 7.5Vpp(50Ω)  0.2mVpp to 15Vpp(Open circuit)
Resolution1mVpp (Amplitude≥1Vpp, load 50Ω)
0.1mVpp(Amplitude<1Vpp, load 50Ω)
2mVpp (Amplitude≥2Vpp, open circuit)
0.2mVpp(Amplitude<2Vpp, open circuit)
Accuracy±(1% of setting+1mVpp)(1kHz Sine, 0V offset, auto range)
Offset Characteristics
Range±5Vdc (50Ω), ±10Vdc (open circuit)
Accuracy±(1% of setting+1mVdc)
Modulation Characteristics (CHA)
FM,AM,PM,PWM,SUMCarrier Waveform: Sine, Square, Ramp, etc.
(only Pulse for PWM)
Modulating Waveform: Sine, Square, Ramp, etc.
FSK,Carrier WaveformModulating Frequency: 1μHz ~ 100kHz
BPSKSine, Square, Ramp, etc.

Sweep Characteristics (CHA)
Carrier WaveformSine, Square, Ramp, etc.
TypeLinear or Logarithmic
Sweep Time5ms~500s
Hold/Return Time0s~500s
Trigger SourceInternal, External and Manual
List SweepList Length: 600 pcs
Burst Characteristics (CHA)
Carrier WaveformSine, Square, Ramp, etc.
Burst Count1 ~ 1000000
Period1μs ~ 500s
Trigger SourceInternal, External, Manual
Frequency Range 10mHz ~ 350MHz, resolution: 6 digits/s
Period, Pulse Width100ns ~ 20s
Duty Cycle1% ~ 99%
General   Characteristics
PowerAC 100 ~ 240V, 45 ~ 65Hz, < 30VA
Dimension & Weight334×256×106 mm, Approx.3 kg

Standard Accessories

Power Cord:1pcs

BNC Cable:1pcs

CD(Software+User's Guide):1pcs


Power Amplifier-8W(load 8Ω)

TCXO-Frequency Stability: ±2ppm