SU4300 Series


Simulate the signal noise in the satellite communication

Simulate the signal noise in microwave communication and scattering communication

Gauss white noise generated by thermal noise of amplifier


Max. Output Noise≥ 0 dBm(400MHz Bandwidth)≥ -2.0 dBm(700MHz Bandwidth)≥-1.0 dBm(1500MHz Bandwidth)≥10.0 dBm(2390MHz Bandwidth)
Noise Bandwidt15MHz ~ 415MHz800MHz ~ 1500MHz300MHz ~ 1800MHz10.0MHz ~ 2.4GHz
Output Step0.1 dB1.0 dB0.5 dB0.5 dB
Flatness≤2.0 dB(20MHz ~ 400MHz per 40MHz bandwidth)≤2.0 dB(800MHz ~ 1500MHz per 40MHz bandwidth)<3.0 dB (300MHz ~ 1000MHz)<4.5 dB (1000MHz ~ 1800MHz)
±2.0 dB (20MHz ~ 200MHz per 40MHz bandwidth)±2.5 dB (200MHz ~ 2.4GHz per 40MHz bandwidth)
Output Impedance50Ω50Ω50Ω50Ω
General Characteristics
PowerAC 220V
Dimension & Weight254×103×340 mm, Approx.2.5 kg

Standard Accessories
Power CordPower Cord1
BNC Testing CableBNC Testing Cable1
CD(Software+ User's Guide)CD1

Channel Options
CH3Frequency RangeDynamic Range
3.0GHz100MHz ~ 3GHz-27dBm~+19dBm(100MHz ~ 2.6GHz)
-15dBm~+19dBm(2.6GHz ~ 3GHz)
6.5GHz200MHz ~ 6.5GHz-15dBm ~ +13dBm (200MHz ~ 400MHz)
-20dBm ~ +13dBm (400MHz ~ 6GHz)
-15dBm ~ +13dBm (6.GHz ~ 6.5GHz)
12.4GHz6.5GHz ~ 12.4GHz6.5GHz ~ 12.5GHz
16.0GHz6.5GHz ~ 16GHz-18dBm ~ +10dBm(6.5GHz ~ 12.4GHz)
-15dBm ~ +10dBm(12.4GHz ~ 16GHz)