Signal Generation Capabilities - SU5602 Pulse Function Arbitrary Generator

Apr. 16, 2024

The signal generator is a device that can provide various frequencies, waveforms, and output levels of electrical signals. When measuring the characteristics of amplitude, frequency, transmission, and other electrical parameters of various telecommunication systems or equipment, as well as measuring the characteristics and parameters of components, it is used as a signal generator or excitation generator for testing and has a wide range of applications in production practice and technology fields.

A variety of signal generators exist with different generating capabilities. Then, take our SU5602 Pulse Function Arbitrary Waveform Generator as an example to briefly introduce its signal generation capabilities.

1. Function signal generator

It can generate some specific function waveforms (sine, square, triangle, ramp, etc.). You can internally modulate sine, square, and ramp using AM, FM, PM, or FSK.

2. Arbitrary waveform generator

It not only can generate common waveforms but also can simulate arbitrary waveforms needed in actual circuit testing, users can select any of the seven built-in arbitrary waveforms or their own custom waveforms including CARDIAC, EXP_FALL, EXP_RISE, GAUSSIAN, HAVERSINE, NEG_RAMP, sin(x)/x.

SU5602 is equipped with an arbitrary waveform editor to enable users to achieve arbitrary waveform editing, as shown in Figure 1.


Fig 1. Arbitrary Waveform Editor

Therefore, in practical applications, arbitrary waveform signal generators are more widely used.

3. Noise signal generator

Noise signals are generated with the following specified parameters: amplitude/offset or high/low level, PDF, selectable crest factor. It can be used to measure the performance of the system under testing by introducing a random signal to simulate the noise in the actual operating conditions.

4. Pulse signal generator

It mainly generates pulse signals with adjustable parameters such as repetition frequency, pulse width, and amplitude. In pulse mode, it is possible to adjust the transition times of the pulse. It can be used to test the transient response of linear systems, or the performance of radar, multichannel communication, and other pulse digital systems with analog signals.

5. Pattern signal generator

It mainly generates square signals with high and low states and digital signals with specific features and symbol sequences, which can be detected and troubleshot during transmission, and help find problems in communication systems. Bit shape editing makes it easier for customers to simulate real signals, including overshoot, ringing, or distorted level transitions, as shown in Figure 2.


Fig 2. Bit Shape Editing Function

In this article we learned what signal generators SU5602 has, contact us to learn more about Suin's signal generators and other related products, and we will recommend the most suitable generators for your project.