Warranty, Maintenance

During t he Warranty Period

1. Purchasers are responsible to pack the repair product in good condition and ship it to the original distributor /representative. Shipping charges must be paid by the sender.

2. If repair services are requested to the original distributor /representative, then the original distributor /representative will pay for the return shipping charge back to supported locations. However, if shipping is requested to specific locations other than supported locations, the purchasers must be responsible for any shipping charges, tax charges and any other additional charges.

3. If repair services are requested to a non- original distributor /representative, the service should be treated as exceeding the warranty period. Hence, the product owner is responsible for the round shipping cost, repair charges, potential taxes, and any possible expenditure.

After the Warranty Period

If the received products have exceeded the warranty time period or the lifetime warranty, SUIN will provide the related repair and or maintenance services. However, the owners of the products are responsible for the repair and or maintenance charges, the return shipping charges and any additional costs.