3GHz Signal Generator


SU3630 Synthesized Signal Generator adopting phase-lock technique(phase lock loop controlling the oscillator) to synthesize frequency signal, SU3630 is 3GHz microwave synthesized signal generator, with reference frequency output 10MHz, low phase noise, 20kHz offset, -60dBm~ +10dBm output power range. High stability and high-frequency resolution, plus amplifier and pulse modulation function, make SU3630 have more applications in R&D, Lab, industrial field, test measurement and calibration, metrology systems. Please contact us to get its general information, high-quality product, better after-sales service are promised to provide to you. If you want to get solutions, we can also make videos for your reference.

Product Model


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SU3630 Synthesized Signal Generator Features

* Simple and easy to operate

* Up to -115dBc phase noise

* Up to +13dBm output power

* Flexible frequency and amplitude sweep function

* Pulse modulation function

* Standard interface of USB device and RS232

SU3630 Synthesized Signal Generator Specifications

Reference Frequency

Reference Output:Frequency: 10MHz Level: >0dBm

Port: BNC connector

Reference Input:Frequency: 10MHz Power: -3~+7dBm

Input Port: BNC connector

Impedance(nominal): 50Ω

Phase Noise-90dBc~-115dBc Offset 20kHz
SpuriousHarmonic: <-35dBc (Power: ≤-5dBm)
Non-harmonic: <-60dBc
Power Range-60dBm~+10dBm

±(1.0+2% absolute value of setting value)dB    

(output frequency 25MHz~2250MHz)

±(1.0+4% absolute value of setting value)dB    

(output frequency 2200MHz~3000MHz)

Input SWR <1.5 typical value
RF Output

Terminal: N type 

Output Impedance: 50Ω

Pulse Modulation
Break-make Ratio> 80dB
Rising/Falling Edge< 100ns
Pulse Width0.25s  Min.
Pulse Period0.5s  Min.
Frequency SweepSweep Mode: Linear Min. Step: 3Hz
Power SweepSweep Mode: Linear Min. Step: 0.25dBm
General Characteristics
PowerAC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz, 50VA Max
Dimension &  Weight     
386mm×256mm×123mm, <5kg

SU3630 Synthesized Signal Generator Standard Accessories

Power Cord:1pcs

CD(Software+User's Guide):1pcs



N-N cable:1pcs

N-SMA adapter:1pcs