High Speed Logic Analyzer


* Large scale integrated circuit, FPGA, SOPC, high speed

  and large memory

* Perfect function of start, trigger and delay to track and

  take the concerned data effectively

* 32 data sampling channels, 2 external clock channels

* A fast and effective debugging tool for hardware

  and software of MCU

* 5.7” color LCD display, the resolution 320×240 points

* USB Device and RS-232


Input Channel32 data sampling channels, 2 external clock channels
Threshold   Voltage6 independent and adjustable threshold voltages
Adjustable Range: -6V ~ +6V
Resolution: 0.1V
Input ImpedanceR ^ >100 kΩ, C ^ <8 pf
Sampling RateTiming Rate1Hz ~ 100MHz (Period 10ns ~ 1s), Resolution: 10ns
State Rate1Hz ~ 35MHz
Sampling Phaserise edge, fall edge
Memory Depth256k bytes / channel
Trigger Condition32 bits trigger level, 32 bits trigger comparand
Event Count1 ~ 999
Memory Delay1~ 260000 sampling cycles
Pattern Generator
Pattern TypeCH00 to CH15 are counters with adding 1,
CH16 to CH29 are shift pulse
CH30 to CH31 monitor external clk1 and clk2
Pattern RateFrequency: 1Hz ~ 50MHz(period 20ns ~ 1s) resolution:10ns
General   Characteristics
PowerAC220V(1±10%), 50Hz(1±5%), ≤10VA
Display5.7' TFT LCD
Dimension &   Weight329×283×155mm, Approx. 4.3kg

Standard Accessories

Power Cord:1pcs

BNC Testing Cable:1pcs

CD(Software+ User's Guide):1pcs