New Arrival - Update Version Digital AC Millivolt Meter SM2100 Series

Dec. 14, 2021

Voltage, current and frequency are the basic three measured parameters in the electrical measurement, of which voltage measurement is very common. As the technology of electronics develops, low voltage measurement becomes more important. Therefore, the millivoltmeter becomes an essential tool. In addition, digital instruments catch users’ fancy because of accurate and convenient reading, higher accuracy, tiny error, higher sensitivity and resolution, and fast measurement speed, so the demand for digital AC millivoltmeter is growing.

The traditional analog voltmeter adopts an average detecting solution, which has a bigger error on the test result, while the current digital multimeter can measure the signal at the millivolt level but is limited by a narrow measurement range.

Considering to above reasons, Suin Instruments adopts an integral amplifier detecting solution to update the new version digital AC millivolt meter SM2100 series, which overcome the defect of the traditional analog voltmeter. Meantime, the instrument applies a 16-bit high-performance CPU and A/D converter and can measure AC voltage 50μVrms to 400Vrms of Sine signal frequencies between 5Hz to 6MHz, which improves the measurement range greatly.


SM2100 Series Working Principle

Figure 1 – SM2100 Series Working Principle

Dual independent channels are configured on the SM2100 series, thus the measurement for two different signals could be performed at the same time. LED screen with the colorful digits display, clear readings, and better vision, which could display the test result as 3 1/2 digits or 4 1/2 digits simultaneously, and the best solution could reach 0.1μV. Most importantly, the result could also be shown as different units-Vrms, Vpp, dBV, dBm, dB, and W. Ground and Floating setting and maximum undamaged input voltage up to 400Vrms can improve the operation safety greatly.


Test result of two channels in five units

Figure 2- Test result of two channels in five units

CH1: 6MHz, 3mV, CH2: 20Hz, 7V


High accuracy, high stability, easy operation, and high safety make the SM2100 series digital AC Millivolt Meter widely used in universities, factories, military units, labs, and scientific institutions, it becomes a necessary basic instrument to measure and test voltage.


The test result when input 300V and 100Hz Sine

Figure 3- The test result when input 300V and 100Hz Sine

If users have any questions about the operation, specification, or test plan related to the digital AC millivolt meter, please welcome to contact us according to working time and contact information left on our website. We will do our best to serve you better.