Why is a Power Quality Analyzer So Important?

Nov. 22, 2021

SA2100 Power Quality Analyzer


A power quality analyzer is a device used to measure electric power signals in order to determine the load’s ability to function properly with that electric power. A power quality analyzer is incredibly helpful, both commercially and in regular, everyday life. Without the correct electric power, electrical equipment may fail prematurely or malfunction.

When do you need a power quality analyzer?

Do you know there’s an electrical issue, but aren’t sure where it is coming from? This happens quite a bit, especially in a large commercial setting. These so-called “mystery disturbances” are upsets to a processor-sensitive equipment operation that don’t seem to correspond to any identifiable source of power disturbance, but are able to be identified with a power quality analyzer. It could be ground loops, lightning, high-speed transients, or even common-mode electrical noise that is the original cause of the problem. If one of these is the problem, you won’t be able to correctly find it without the help of a device. These events occur and are gone in such a brief time frame that they are not able to be identified without the right tools.

Of course, it is quite possible you don’t even know there is a problem. A power quality analyzer may tell you something you didn’t know! This includes that you’re wasting your money spending too much on your monthly electric bill or you are in a dangerous situation.

What can a power quality analyzer do for you?

There are many different factors that contribute to poor quality power. Just because you know a device has an issue doesn’t mean you know what the underlying problem is, or how to fix it. This is where a power quality analyzer comes in. A device like this will be able to track several electrical parameters, which include frequency, AC voltage, and AC current power. Electrical data parameters, which include demand and peak demand, is the term for the actual amount of power that the monitored system uses. This is something you definitely want to know. Peak electrical demand is the maximum amount of electric power that can be used. Most often you will find that the power parameters are measured in watts (W), volt-amperes (VA), and volt-ampere reactive (VAR). Watts are units of electrical power that indicate the rate of energy produced or consumed by an electrical device, while volt-amperes are the current flowing in a circuit multiplied by the voltage of that circuit. This volt-ampere reactive identifies the reactive component of volt-amperes, so they’re very important to know.


SA2100 Power Quality Analyzer

Which industries need power quality analyzers?

● Manufacturing Industries

Power quality analyzers allow the maintenance managers and operators to take suitable measures to ensure expensive equipment used in manufacturing and process-based operations are safeguarded by means of the right information available and to execute effectively and efficiently.

● Energy Audits

Power quality analyzers allow the property owners or building operators to receive a detailed report on their energy consumption, device efficiencies, and power quality measurements by Metering energy audits. The data provided by the auditors using power quality analyzers will be used for monitoring losses of power and cost allocation.

● Data centers

A power quality analyzer will be used to eradicate challenges that disrupt the effectiveness of systems or critical devices used in data centers and provide a proactive solution to these issues.

● Energy Companies

Appropriate power quality management can be devised by using power quality analyzers to improve power variants and energy efficiencies.

● Telecommunication

The frequent tripping of devices in telecommunication sectors was mostly associated with voltage sags and swells, was further found to increase loads such as short circuits or faults, or by an abrupt reduction in load on a circuit. Thus, a power quality analyzer was found to resolve these issues avoiding costly maintenance of equipment. An optional DC clamp( along with a meter) can be used to check DC parameters in Towers and their healthiness.

● Healthcare

Healthcare sectors use a critical device that is of utmost significance in saving lives, where power quality monitoring devices will ensure the smooth running of devices and protection against unforeseen events that deteriorate the performance.

● Educational Institutions

Power quality analyzers could be used in institutions to monitor and perform in-depth analysis in a controlled setting to rapidly isolate issues, test responses, planning facilities and restructured layouts.

● Commercial Facilities

Power quality analyzers can be used in commercial buildings to maintain daily activities and take proactive actions against damage to critical systems.


Where can I find the best power quality analyzer?


 SA2100 Power Quality Analyzer

We offer the SA2100 Power Quality Analyzer. SA2100 is a handheld multi-functional device that is designed to measure and analyze single or three-phase power This portable class S device can provide safe, convenient, and accurate measurements for troubleshooting power networks. Please feel free to contact us if you need them.