Introduction of Suin SS7406 Frequency Counter/Timer/Analyzer

Dec. 23, 2021

Frequency counters are test instruments used in many applications including laboratories, education, and industrial field to measure the frequency and time of signals very accurately. Nowadays high speed and more accurate frequency counters are required by engineers, Suin SS7406 Universal Frequency Counter/Timer/Analyzer comes out in this condition.

SS7406 Front View

Pict 1: SS7406 Front View


Main Features:

SS7406 can measure frequency, period, time interval, pulse width, duty cycle, phase difference. Frequency can be tested from 1mHz to 200MHz in two channels. Additionally, several higher frequency options max to 40GHz can be selected in channel 3. 11 digits per second frequency resolution makes it suitable for measurement from short-term phase locked loop jitter to the long-term drift of atomic clocks. 25ps single shot time resolution makes it one of the highest resolution counters in the market.


Besides that, SS7406 also can measure frequency ratio, limit, and statistics calculation. This complete measuring function makes it more popular in the market.


The standard time base’s nominal frequency is 10MHz. The test can be controlled not only by the internal gate automatically, but also by the external signal triggering. For more stable measurement, there is a high stability crystal oscillator as an optional selection.



Unlike conventional counters that only have numeric displays, SS7406 provides live, graphical displays of measurement results. Graphical data is available in two formats: histogram and trendgram. You can select any by your real requirement.


Pict 2: Histogram



Pict 3: Trendgram


Meantime, it is designed as 2U instrument case, which can be used not only as a sole benchtop instrument but also in a 19'' equipment cabinet.