Star Product for High Frequency Measuring----TFG3681 rf Signal Generator

Aug. 22, 2022

Times changing make many systems also have big changes accordingly, while it needs more and more advanced techniques to support. For example, 4G updating to 5G makes the digital cellular system realize the super high data throughout. The satellite network in aerospace makes all the word enter high speed communication times at any time and anywhere. The advanced radar technology can be used in high resolution and high frequency applications so as to guarantee national defense security.

More high technology such as more spectrum, higher frequency, and broader bandwidth is needed to achieve higher speed communication. Suin TFG3681 RF signal generator can provide reliable performance to you including better spectral purity, higher output power and standard pulse modulation to meet your basic radio frequency measuring requirement. No matter you are measuring rf components, receiver, transmitter and system, or designing general-purpose components and consumer electronic devices, or doing teaching work in the laboratory of college or university, it can always provide more accurate and higher stability signals to you.

Adopting direct digital synthesis (DDS for short) and phase lock loop (PLL for short) technique, TFG3681 rf signal generator can not only produce 2GHz-12GHz high frequency signals, but also have excellent spurious noise suppression function. Supporting USB Device and RS-232 interface, and also a 10MHz In external frequency standard interface in the rear panel, makes it can use higher accuracy frequency standard and will be the good assistant in your rf or microwave measuring work.

TFG3681 outputs 12GHz +15dBm signal

TFG3681 outputs 12GHz +15dBm signal

Figure 1. TFG3681 outputs 12GHz +15dBm signal

Phase noise @2GHz for TFG3681

Figure 2. Phase noise @2GHz for TFG3681

Phase noise @12GHz for TFG3681

Figure 3. Phase noise @12GHz for TFG3681

Pulse modulation for TFG3681

Pulse modulation for TFG3681

Figure 4. Pulse modulation for TFG3681

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