Handheld Multimeters VS Bench-top Multimeters

Oct. 12, 2022

Digital multimeters are electronic test instruments with versatile usage, forms, and types which may be more than other kinds of instruments. The most common ones are handheld and bench-top multimeters. Here we would like to share some tips during your selection.

Handheld multimeters' advantage is that it is easy and quick to test voltage, current, and resistance from one position to another. In this condition, battery life, durability, and size are more important than resolution, accuracy, measuring speed, or connectivity with the PC.

Bench-top multimeters have a larger size than handheld ones because they are mainly used in platforms of engineers or automation systems. All instructors in engineering, researchers, product designers, and all testing engineers are the users of bench-top ones. For these users, characteristics like sensitivity, accuracy, large measuring range, maximum functions, measuring speed, and connectivity with PC are more important factors. SA5053 digital multimeter can measure max DC Voltage 1000V with 0.01% accuracy, and AC Voltage 750V with 0.1% accuracy, which can meet most engineers' requirements.

DC voltage 1000V testing

Bench-top types have more communication interfaces like RS-232, GPIB, USB, LAN, etc., which can easily connect with computers and other instruments to remote control multimeters and send or receive data.

Automation system always requires rapid measuring speed and can acquire flexible waveforms, SA5053 is designed to have these functions--bar chart, trend chart, and histogram displaying as below picture shown. If the repair technician's main work is to make the electronic system run normally, he doesn’t need this function. But it is more important to researchers, designers, and testing engineers that which can help them get a larger measuring range, higher accuracy, and some vital small transient signals, which can even provide additional advantages and then help you to design instruments with better performance than their competitors.

Bar chart,Histogram,Trend chart


Meantime, rich measuring functions such as DC Voltage/Current, AC Voltage/Current, 2 wire/4 wire resistance, frequency, period, capacitance, diode, continuity, temperature, and Math function also make bench-top multimeters widely used in production tests, on-site maintenance, fixed point repairing, research and development, education, etc.

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