SA9275 RF Spectrum Analyzer and Its Measuring Function

Feb. 23, 2022

What is Spectrum Analyzer?

Spectrum Analyzer is fundamentally a testing instrument that measures various parameters in a circuit or in a system at radio frequency range. A piece of normal testing equipment would measure the quantity based on its amplitude with respect to time. For example, a voltmeter would measure the voltage amplitude based on the time domain. So we will get a sinusoidal curve of AC voltage or a straight line for DC voltage. But a spectrum analyzer would measure the quantity in terms of amplitude versus frequency.

Suin has developed an RF Spectrum Analyzer with model SA9275, with the high frequency and low DANL, it can measure max 7.5GHz signal, besides the normal function such as frequency, amplitude measurement, it has advanced measurements like channel power, adjacent channel power, N-dB bandwidth, occupied bandwidth, etc. And below are the detailed applications of it.

Main Measuring Function of SA9275 RF Spectrum Analyzer

Looking at the frequency spectrum of a signal to see items like the following:

The overall spectrum of a modulated signal to see whether it is wide enough or too narrow, etc. If it is too wide then it could cause interference to users in adjacent channels. An example is as below picture shown.


3.2GHz/7.5GHz RF Spectrum Aanalyzer

This picture shows Suin SA9275 Spectrum Analyzer measures an AM signal, with carrier wave frequency 20MHz, Modulate frequency 30kHz, and modulate depth 50%.

To investigate whether any spurious or unwanted signals are present. These signals could cause interference to users as other frequencies of signals are transmitted.

To find out whether a signal is on the right frequency, and not in another band.

To measure the phase noise on a signal.

Besides that, the SA9275 RF spectrum analyzer can be also used when undertaking EMI measurements. The analyzer can be used to locate the frequency and nature of the signal that may be causing an issue. Contact us now for a quote on the SA9275 RF spectrum analyzer!