TFG6800 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator in Educational Solutions

Jan. 28, 2022

Along with the science development, more and more electronic engineers are needed in the future. University and colleges require to configure the whole set of electronic test and measurement equipment to help their student to learn the basics of measurements so as to shape their future in engineering.

Suin Instruments can provide the fundamental teaching lab equipment from function/arbitrary waveform generators to dc power supplies and universal frequency counters, etc.

TFG6800 Series Arbitrary waveform generator can be a great choice for university teaching because it has a small size and accurate measurement compared to the conventional expensive and bulky signal generator. With the strong function of modulating, burst, waveform sequence, harmonic, etc., students can not only know how to use the generator to generate a required signal but also deeply understand the circuit design. 

TFG6800 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Pict 1

If a modulated signal, such as AM/FM/PM needs in the teaching experiment, TFG6800 can realize it by setting the frequency period, amplitude, offset, etc., like Pict 1 shown.

Not only modulate signal can be realized, but also Burst, Sweep, Harmonic signal can be output like Pict 2, Pict 3 shown.

TFG6800 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Pict 2

TFG6800 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Pict 3

With features of dual channels, 100MHz bandwidth, 16 bit vertical resolution, 20ppm accuracy, and 165 kinds of built-in waveforms, the TFG6800 Series arbitrary waveform generator can generate all kinds of waveforms with more accuracy which is needed in the teaching lab. Small size, lightweight make it more flexible in the class. 7'' LED touch screen can make operation more easily and show the values and waveform directly.


Until now, many universities have used TFG6800 Series Arbitrary waveform generator in their teaching experiment. Welcome to contact Suin if you want to know more information about it.