The Function And Operation Points of The Function Signal Generator

Dec. 13, 2018

The High Quality Function Generator provides a signal source for electronic products, and can output sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, pulse and arbitrary waveform, and is widely used in electronic product development, detection and debugging. Before using the instrument, it is necessary to check the safety of the instrument, the grounding is good, the power cord is intact, the instrument and the workbench have no leakage, the power protection device is good, and the power supply voltage meets the parameters of the instrument parameters.

In the Function Arbitrary Waveform Generator waveform setting, the output channel and waveform category should be set first, then the waveform parameters such as frequency, amplitude and phase should be set. For the dual channel output, special attention should be paid to: 1. The actual connected output end corresponds to the screen display channel 2. Light up The output enable key "OUTPUT" waveform can be output normally.

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Function Arbitrary Waveform Generator