What Are The Main Functions of The Arbitrary Waveform Generator?

Dec. 20, 2018

The arbitrary waveform generator from the Arbitary Waveform Generator supplier not only has the signal generation capability of other signal sources, but also can generate arbitrary waveform sampling data through various editing means, and conveniently synthesize arbitrary waveforms that cannot be generated by other signal sources, thereby meeting the requirements of testing and experiment.

The main features of the arbitrary waveform generator include:

(1) Function generation function

In the basic experiment, in order to verify the function, stability and reliability of the circuit, it is necessary to apply an ideal waveform. The arbitrary waveform generator can replace the function generator to provide waveforms such as sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave, etc., and various modulations. And sweeping ability. This basic function of the arbitrary waveform generator can be used to meet the signal requirements of general experiments.

Arbitary Waveform Generator supplier

(2) Arbitrary waveform generation

Due to the existence of various disturbances and changes in the environment, devices that actually operate in the actual electronic environment often have various signal defects and transient signals, such as over-pulses, spikes, damping transients, and sudden changes in frequency. The arbitrary waveform generator can simulate these special signals to test the actual performance of the system.

(3) Signal restoration function

In some military and aviation fields, some circuit operating environments are difficult to estimate. After the design is completed, further experimental verification is needed in the real environment, and some experiments are costly or risky (such as aircraft flight test). Engine operation) It is impossible to repeat experiments to judge the feasibility and stability of the designed product. At this time, the signal restoration function of the arbitrary waveform generator can be utilized. In some high-cost, high-risk experiments, the actual waveform can be recorded by a digital oscilloscope, and then downloaded to an arbitrary waveform generator through a computer interface, and further experimental verification can be performed by the arbitrary waveform generator reduction experiment. jobs.

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