Pattern Data and PRBS of Pulse Pattern Generator

Dec. 07, 2018

The Pulse/Pattern Generators China can not only generate simple pulse, burst and continuous pulse streams as described above. Its pattern capability also produces data signals. This versatility is key to digital device testing applications, such as compliance testing.

Pulse/Pattern Generators China

In the pattern mode, the same complete control of the signal output as the conventional pulse generation mode can be achieved. It allows the generation of unlimited data signals, including standard non-return-to-zero (NRZ) signals, or data bursts with programmable pulse widths and additional delays to the clock signal.

In addition to user-defined data signals, standard pseudo-random binary sequences (PRBS) can be generated. The ability to create user-defined bit patterns, standard compliance data, and PRBS makes the pulse pattern generator an ideal source for the following applications:

(1) Excited eye diagram measurement

(2) Crosstalk measurement

(3) Conformance test

(4) Jitter test

(5) Signal integrity measurement

(6) Receiver sensitivity test

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