What Are the Main Indicators of the Arbitrary Waveform Generator?

Feb. 20, 2019

If you have used an oscilloscope, then you must have heard of the three major oscilloscope indicators: bandwidth, memory depth, sampling rate, when we choose a suitable oscilloscope, these three indicators are often our primary consideration. In fact, from the perspective of principle, the arbitrary waveform generator such as 3GHz Signal Generator is the inverse process of the oscilloscope. Does the arbitrary waveform generator also have so-called three major indicators? The answer is yes, in the context of arbitrary waveform generators such as Synthesized Signal Generator, there are also concepts of bandwidth, sample rate and memory depth.

(1) Bandwidth

The bandwidth of an arbitrary waveform generator can be defined as the frequency of the largest sine wave that can be output.

(2) sampling rate

The sampling rate of an arbitrary waveform generator is usually expressed in megasamples per second or gigasamples.

(3) Storage depth

Memory depth is the number of data points used to record a waveform, which determines the maximum number of samples of waveform data.

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