The Use Method Of Function Generators

Jan. 23, 2019

The Fast High Quality Function Generators is a signal generating device that can generate certain periodic time function waveforms (sine waves, square waves, triangle waves, sawtooth waves, pulse waves, etc.), and the frequency range can be from a few microhertz to several Ten megahertz. In addition to testing for communications, instrumentation and automatic control systems, it is also widely used in other non-electrical measurement fields.

The use of Fast High Quality Function Generators is as follows:

A. Connect the function signal generator to AC 220V, 50Hz power supply, press the power switch, the indicator light is on.

B. Press the desired function switch for the desired waveform.

C. When the pulse wave needs to be output, pull out the duty adjustment switch to adjust the duty cycle to obtain a stable and clear waveform. At this time, the frequency is 1/10 of the original, and the duty cycle switch knob is pressed when the sine and triangle are in the state.

D. When a small signal output is required, press the attenuator.

E. Adjust the amplitude knob to the desired output amplitude.

F. When the DC level is required, pull out the DC offset adjustment knob to adjust the DC level offset to the level you need to set. In other states, press the DC offset adjustment knob and the DC level will be zero.

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