Spectrum Analyzer: A Veritable Representative of The Frequency Domain Instrument

Jan. 11, 2019

A Spectrum Analyzer is an instrument that studies the spectral structure of an electrical signal. It is used to measure signal distortion, modulation, spectral purity, frequency stability, and intermodulation distortion. It can be used to measure certain circuits such as amplifiers and filters. The parameter is a versatile electronic measuring instrument.

It can also be called a frequency domain oscilloscope, a tracking oscilloscope, an analytical oscilloscope, a harmonic analyzer, a frequency characteristic analyzer or a Fourier analyzer. Modern spectrum analyzers can display analysis results in an analog or digital manner, and can analyze electrical signals in all radio frequency bands from very low frequency to sub-millimeter band below 1 Hz.

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The most commonly used signal test instrument in the laboratory and workshop is the electronic oscilloscope. Human thinking is sensitive to the concept of time, and it is associated with time-domain events every moment, but the signals often appear in frequency. It is also inconvenient to observe the simplest amplitude-modulated carrier signal with an oscilloscope, often not seeing the modulation when displaying the carrier. Instrument, the screen gets three lines, that is, the carrier frequency and the modulation frequency around the carrier frequency. The more complicated the modulation method is, the harder it is to display the electronic oscilloscope, and the strong performance of the Digital Spectrum Analyzer. The spectrum analyzer is a representative of a veritable frequency domain instrument. The digital representation of communication time-frequency is the Fourier transform, which decomposes the time signal into a superposition of sine and cosine curves, completing the process of converting the signal from the time domain to the frequency domain.

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