Power Quality Analysis Method

Nov. 21, 2018

We are a leading Power Quality Analyzer China Supplier. Today , let we tell the Power quality analysis method. Power quality is a very important part of the future power grid construction. Nowadays, the transformation of distribution network and the upgrading of rural power grid are in full swing, and the quality of power is also receiving much attention. The power quality problems caused by various disturbances in the power system can be mainly divided into two categories: steady state events and transient events. Steady-state power quality problems are characterized by waveform distortion, including harmonics, interharmonics, waveform sags, and noise. Transient events are usually characterized by spectrum and transient duration, which can be divided into pulse transients and oscillations. Two major categories.

The analysis methods of power quality are mainly time domain simulation methods, frequency domain analysis methods and transformation based methods.

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