About the Operation of the Spectrum Analyzer

Nov. 19, 2018

(1) Hard keys, soft keys and knobs: This is the basic operation of the instrument such as China Spectrum Analyzer.

China Spectrum Analyzer

1. Three large hard keys and one large knob: The function of the large knob is set by three large hard keys. Press the frequency hard key, the knob can fine tune the center frequency of the instrument display; press the scan width hard key, the knob can adjust the frequency width of the instrument scan; press the amplitude hard key, the knob can adjust the signal amplitude. When the knob is turned, the center frequency, scan width (starting and ending frequency), and the dB of the amplitude are simultaneously displayed on the screen.
2. Soft keys: On the right side of the screen, there is a row of vertically arranged buttons with no logos. Its function changes with the item. What is displayed on the right side of the screen corresponds to what is displayed at the button.
3. Other hard keys: INSTRUMNT STATE control area has ten hard keys: RESET clear, CANFIG configuration, CAL calibration, AUX CTRL auxiliary control, COPY printing, MODE mode, SAVE storage, RECALL call, MEAS/USER Measurement / User Defined, SGL SWP Signal Scan.

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