What is the main technical indicators of Function generator

Oct. 31, 2017

As far as we are concerned that the Function generator can  produce sine wave, square wave, triangular wave, sawtooth wave, and even arbitrary waveform. Do you know about its main indicators? The following are some technical indicators about it.

1. Frequency range 10Hz ~ 100Hz, 100Hz ~ 1000Hz, 1kHz ~ 10kHz

2. Frequency control mode by changing the RC time constant manual signal frequency

3. By changing the control voltage Uc to achieve voltage control frequency VCF

4. Output voltage sine wave Upp ≈ 3 V amplitude continuously adjustable;

5. Triangular wave Upp ≈ 5 V amplitude continuously adjustable;

6. Square wave Upp ≈ 14 V amplitude continuously adjustable.

7. Waveform characteristic square wave rise time is less than 2s;

8. Triangular wave nonlinear distortion is less than 1%;

9. Sine wave harmonic distortion is less than 3%.

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