What are the Common AC Stabilized Voltage Power Supplies?

Jul. 09, 2016

AC stabilized voltage power supplies are also called AC voltage stabilizer. With the development of electronic technology, especially after electronic computer technology is applied to various industries and scientific research fields, most electronic equipment require stable AC power supplies and direct power supply from grid has not been able to meet the demand. Then, the appearance of AC power supplies solved this problem. The following are the common AC stabilized voltage power supplies.

1.Ferromagnetic resonant AC voltage stabilizer-composed of saturable reactor and corresponding capacitor and with the characteristic of constant voltage volt ampere.

2.Magnetic amplifier type AC voltage stabilizer-the magnetic amplifier and autotransformer connected in series and using electronic circuit to change the impedance of the magnetic amplifier to stabilize the output voltage.

3.Sliding type AC voltage stabilizer-stabilize output voltage through changing the transformer’s slide contact location.

4.Induction AC voltage stabilizer-stabilize output voltage through altering the phase difference of transformer’s secondary and primary voltage.

5.Thyristor AC regulated power supply-using thyristor as power adjustment device. High stability, fast reaction and noiseless.

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