Features of DC Power Supply from Shijiazhuang Suin Instruments Co., Ltd.

Jul. 14, 2018

In 1968, SUIN has introduced JW-30B DC power supply. With our continuous research and development, now we are able to manufacture various models of programmable power supplies, such as SK10000, SK3323/3325, SK3303 and so on. What features do these power supplies have? Please follow SUIN to get the answer!

1. All digital controlled, output 1mV/1mA step

2. High stability & Low drift

3. High-light LED displays the voltage/current and working status visually

4. Input parameters with dual rotary encoder, easy to adjust

5. Intelligent temperature controlled fan with low noise

6. Soft switch control output, Storage and recall function, OVP (Over Voltage Protection) function

7. Keypad locked function to avoid the misoperation

8. Standard RS232 interface, optional USB

SUIN can supply a full range of DC stabilized power supplies at competitive price. If you are in need of DC power supplies, please send your inquiry right now!

Programmable DC Power Supplies