SA2200 Introduction - Portable Harmonic Measurement Tool

Apr. 17, 2023

In order to keep the harmonic content and waveform distortion rate in the power supply system within the specified values, it is necessary to know the actual harmonic content in the grid, which can be calculated by theoretical analysis and actual measurement. The application of a large number of nonlinear loads has resulted in increasing content of high harmonics in the power grid. However, the complexity of harmonic problems in the power grid and the difficulty of accurate analysis make the actual measurement more important, which requires reliable and accurate measurement devices.

Our power quality analyzer SA2200 has a relatively perfect harmonic measurement function, the handheld is more portable, and this instrument can monitor AC and DC line disturbances through four channels. it integrates capture, record, analysis, display, can measure and analyze total harmonic distortion of voltage and current, and can measure and record harmonics up to the 100th.

In order to meet the different analysis requirements of customers, we set two modes: Bar Graph and Table.

The bar graph shows the percentage contribution of each of the components related to the fundamental or full signal. A signal without distortion should show a 1st harmonic at 100% while the others are at 0; in practice, this will not occur because there always is a certain amount of harmonics resulting in distortion.

Bar Graph


Figure 1.  Bar Graph

The table screen lists all the harmonic parameters, including Harmonic Voltage, Harmonic Current, Inter-harmonic Voltage, and Inter-harmonic Current.



Figure 2. Table