How to classify signal generators

Apr. 29, 2021

Signal generator is an instrument that can provide all kinds of frequency, waveform and output level, amplitude in measuring telecommunication system or instrument.

It can be classified to below kinds according to different frequency bands:


Ultra-low frequency signal Generator

Its frequency is usually lower than 0.1Hz, mainly used in some special field.


Low frequency signal generator

It usually indicates 1Hz-1MHz audio frequency signal generator.


High frequency signal generator

It is also called RF signal generator, mainly indicates 100kHz-XXXMHz signal generator, and usually used in telecommunication and measuring field. Suin TFG1900A Series, TFG1900B Series, TFG6800 Series, TFG2900A Series, TFG3900A Series and TFG6900A Series belong to this kind.

How to classify signal generators

Suin TFG6810 Function Generator

Microwave signal generator

Its frequency usually can be XGHz to XXGHz, mainly used in radar field. Suin TFG3600 Series, SU3630, TFG368X Series belong to this kind. Frequency range can be 10MHz-12GHz, and 10MHz-20GHz.

How to classify signal generators

Suin TFG3681 Microwave Signal Generator