Choose a High Cost-performance RF Signal Generator

Dec. 30, 2022

Nowadays many brands of rf signal generator are existing in the market, it will make double results with half work by selecting a suitable product in your test and measuring work.

Firstly, we need to know the difference between analog rf signal generator and vector rf signal generator.

Analog rf signal generator mainly generate single frequency point signal, sweep signal, RF pulse(single or double), AM/FM/PM analog modulation signal, but can't produce PSK/QAM digital modulation signal.

Vector rf signal generators not only have all the functions of analog ones, but also can produce PSK/QAM digital modulation signal, chirp pulse, Barker code Pulse modulation signal.

Vector ones have better functions than analog ones, which means the price of it will be much higher than analog ones. In the same frequency range, analog ones have better price than vector ones and it can be up to 67GHz high with external frequency doubler which can't be acquired by vector ones.

For laboratories, product development and researchers, education, etc., analog ones are more popularly used than vectors ones. Their performance and functions need to be compared during selection. Suin TFG3836 as an economical analog rf signal generator, has both sweep and modulation function, frequency measuring range higher to 3.6GHz, ultra low phase noise can make better measuring experience you've never met, which will be the best choice for your real measuring work.

Below are the main characteristics demo:

Max 3.6GHz frequency measuring range, 20dBm Level

Fig.1 Max 3.6GHz frequency measuring range, 20dBm Level


Low phase noise -105dBc/Hz@20kHz typical

Fig. 2  Low phase noise <-105dBc/Hz@20kHz typical


Frequency and Level sweep function 

Fig. 3 Frequency and Level sweep function

4 AM and FM modulation 

Fig. 4 AM and FM modulation


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