​Brief Introduction of Network Analyzer

Sep. 15, 2023

What's a network analyzer?

A network analyzer is of microwave millimeter wave testing instrument that can sweep and measure the signal in a high bandwidth so as to confirm the network parameters. The full name of it is microwave network analyzer, which can directly test the complex scattering parameters of active or passive, reversible or irreversible two-ports and single-port networks, and show the amplitude, phase frequency characteristics of each scattering parameter by the way of frequency sweep mode. An automatic network analyzer can correct the errors for the measuring results, and convert to decades of other network parameters, such as Input reflection coefficient, output reflection coefficient, voltage standing wave ratio(VSWR), impedance(or admittance), attenuation (or gain), phase shift and group delay, etc., transmission parameter and isolation and orientation.

Classification of a network analyzer

1. Scalar network analyzer. It can only measure the amplitude of S parameters, and the measuring result includes transmission gain and loss, return loss standing wave ratio, etc.

2. Vector network analyzer. It can measure signals between 5Hz and 110GHz, such as S parameters, amplitude, phase, transmission gain and loss, return loss and standing wave ratio, group delay, reflection coefficient, etc. Because it has more functions than a scalar network analyzer, it has more applications in the development, manufacturing, repair, and metrology fields of new generation military electronic equipment which is represented by phased array radar, also in other fields like aerospace, satellite communications, radar detection and surveillance, teaching experiment, component testing, etc.

Due to the high cost of a vector network analyzer, many buyers will have more consideration before buying it. Considering the cost and actual measuring requirement, many buyers will choose to buy a scalar network analyzer. A spectrum analyzer with a tracking generator can be a simple network analyzer-- scalar network analyzer, which is the best selection for those who have these considerations. Suin SA9100-TG/SA9200-TG Spectrum analyzers are one of the selections for your demands. The below pictures are the filter testing and amplifier testing by the SA9130-TG spectrum analyzer.

Filter testing by SA9130-TG Spectrum analyzer


Fig. 1 Filter testing by SA9130-TG Spectrum analyzer

Amplifier testing by SA9130-TG Spectrum analyzer


Fig. 2 Amplifier testing by SA9130-TG Spectrum analyzer


If you also have these considerations, please contact us for SA9100-TG/SA9200-TG.