Application of Frequency Counters

Jul. 30, 2021

During frequency measurement, oscilloscope as one of traditional instrument has low accuracy and large error. Spectrum analyzer can accurately measure the frequency and display the spectrum of measured signal, but the measurement speed is slow and cannot quickly track and capture the real-time frequency change of measured signal. While frequency counter can make up above defects, which make it has wider application range.


Frequency counters could be used in test of production line in traditional manufacturing company. As it can quickly capture frequency change of oscillator, user can quickly detect the default crystal oscillators so as to guarantee the quality.


In laboratories, frequency counters are used to calibrate the local oscillators of various electronic measuring devices.


Frequency is an important parameter in the measurement filed. Frequency counter could be wildly used because of high accuracy, fast speed, easy operation and digital display. As continuous development of computer networks and electronic science and technology, the requirement for frequency measurement will get higher and higher. Then demand for a high precision frequency counter will become more urgent.