Spectrum Analyzer Calibration Service Process

Mar. 28, 2019

Spectrum Analyzer Calibration Service Process

We are the Spectrum Analyzer Supplier,the following we would like to share something about calibration service process for you.

1. The entrusting party shall provide the list of instruments to be calibrated (including instrument name, model specification, range and specific quantity), which can be sent to our business specialist by mail, fax, QQ, etc. If quotation/inquiry is required,

2. Our business specialist will provide reasonable written quotation in time.

3. After the entrusting party (client) receives the quotation, please confirm it in time and return it with signature and seal (it can be scanned or faxed).

4. Calibration time will be arranged in time after receipt of the quotation countersigned (to be determined by both parties through negotiation).

Signal Generator China

Signal Generator China said that:Test fixture and power cord. And conduct on-site guidance). 4.3.3 press the high-voltage start button, and the green light will be on at this time. If there is an alarm sound during the test, the abnormal sound of the product under test and the over-leakage light will be bad. 4.3.4 if the test of the product under test is normal, the green light will be off after 5 seconds, and then the next product can be tested. 4.3.5 after the test, turn off the power switch, pull down the board that has been tested and NG product is labeled for maintenance. 4.4.1 the high-voltage tester shall be preheated for 15 minutes before each use, and the equipment function spot check shall be carried out before use. After the calibrator is calibrated, the product is tested again and relevant records are kept. Rules. Record. Chang liang, proof of high voltage tester failure. At the same time notify the engineering department for maintenance, sent to the national recognized measurement and testing institutions calibration. Conduct electrical strength tests. 4.5.1 the instrument has high voltage output in use, and safety must be paid absolute attention when using, and the instrument and equipment must be touched. 4.5.2 the instrument ground terminal (black terminal post on the back panel) shall be reliably grounded.

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