Digital Multimeter includes four components

Aug. 11, 2018

The face of a Digital Multimeter in China typically includes four components:

Display: Where measurement readouts can be viewed.

Buttons: For selecting various functions; the options vary by model.

Dial (or rotary switch): For selecting primary measurement values (volts, amps, ohms).

Input jacks: Where test leads are inserted.

Test leads are flexible, insulated wires (red for positive, black for negative) that plug into the DMM Digital Multimeter for sale. They serve as the conductor from the item being tested to the multimeter. The probe tips on each lead are used for testing circuits.

The terms counts and digits are used to describe a digital multimeter's resolution—how fine a measurement a meter can make. By knowing a multimeter's resolution, a technician can determine if it is possible to see a small change in a measured signal.

Digital Multimeter in China