Best Bench top Multimeters

Aug. 02, 2018

Go into any electronics lab and you will undoubtably see a benchtop multimeter.  The humble digital multimeter brands is one of the most fundamental and highly used pieces of test equipment for electronic design. 

As the name implies, the Digital Multimeters is useful for a wide range of measurements and tests. Benchtop digital multimeters, can be used to to make the basic (Ohm’s Law) measurements:

* Measure resistance,

* Measure voltage,

* Measure current;

However, some true rms digital multimeter can also be used for more advanced measurements such as:

* Capacitance,

* Inductance,

* Conductance,

* Decibels,

* Frequency,

* Duty cycle, and

* Diode drop.

Benchtop digital multimeters