The Fundamentals of Spectrum Analyzer

Jul. 13, 2018

A Spectrum Analyzer could be described as a frequency-selective, peak-responding voltmeter adjusted to display the rms value of a sine wave. It may be utilized to exhibit electricity directly but cannot be utilized as a power meter. This can only be done as long as we understand a few value of the sine wave and the resistance across which we measure this value, just then one can calibrate the Wireless Spectrum Analyzer to indicate power. Here is a report on the fundamentals of Wireless Spectrum Analyzer:

A low pass filter blocks high frequency signals in reaching the mixer that prevents out of band signals from mixing with the local oscillator, making unwanted reactions on the display. High speed Spectrum Analyzer replaces low-pass filter with a preselector that rejects all the unwanted frequencies.

RF Attenuator helps to ensure that the signal enters the mixer in the right level in order to prevent gain compression, overload and distortion. It forms a protective circuit for the high-performance Spectrum Analyzer.

Spectrum Analyzer