Arbitrary Waveform Generators Bandwidth, Sampling Rate, and Maximum Output Frequency

Jun. 12, 2018

AWG Block Diagram Arbitrary waveform generators (AWG's) are electronic signal sources that function very similar to a digitizer in reverse. Selected samples of the waveform are sent into a digital to analog converter (DAC) and subsequently, with proper filtering and signal conditioning, are output as an analog waveform.

The vital parameters, such as, for instance, a digitizer, are bandwidth and sampling rate. The bandwidth determines the maximum sine wave frequency which the China function arbitrary waveform generator can lead using a loss less than 3dB. Since lots of the waveforms which may be produced by the AWG are more so wealthy the bandwidth limitation will establish the maximum frequency waveform that could be generated. By way of instance, a square wave normally needs to have the ability to maneuver the fifth harmonic to become recognizable. For a specified bandwidth that the maximum frequency square wave is just one fifth the AWG bandwidth.

Arbitrary waveform generators