How Does a Frequency Counter Work?

May. 29, 2018

Frequency counter are frequently utilized to accurately assess the frequency of repetitive signals. There are two basic Kinds of frequency analyzer:

Immediate counting frequency counters

Knowing the effects of Both of These Distinct counters Can Help You Pick the best counter to suit your needs and use it properly

The best way to Direct Counting Frequency Counter Works

Immediate counters only count cycles of a sign on a known time period. This period is referred to as the gate period. This way is straightforward and affordable. Nonetheless, it usually means a direct counter's settlement is repaired in Hertz and the count precision is lower compared to a mutual frequency counter.

The best way to Reciprocal Counting Frequency timer Works As a result of this structure, the counter's resolution is obviously the complete variety of display icons.

Quite simply, a mutual frequency counter will have same number of digits of resolution irrespective of the input . You will see the resolution of a mutual counter specified concerning the amount of specimens for a particular gate period, including"10 digits per minute."

Frequency counter