The Many Custom Applications of Arbitrary Waveform Generators

May. 16, 2018

There are various instances where certain signals can cause your device to malfunction. This might be a problem your client ends up discovering in the event that you do not correctly test during product development. An arbitrary waveform generator is the ideal instrument for creating degraded or stressed signs to verify product performance limitations. System or product noise susceptibility, timing problems, signal-level abnormalities, bandwidth reduction, harmonic distortion, or a host of associated maladies can be set.

The AWG is a really powerful tool and will generate waveforms or waveform bursts required for your specific application. An AWG combines the capabilities of a function generator with that of a pulse generator, modulation source, noise generator, sweep generator, and trigger generator. It's a good tool for everyday use in the design lab or test environment. You can create customized solutions for a wide assortment of applications spanning many industries. AWG applications range from large dynamic range to high bandwidth output demands.

arbitrary waveform generator