Measurement skills of Digital multimeter

Mar. 01, 2018

Digital multimeter has great use range in our life like Measuring speakers,capacitance and so on.It belongs to a kind of test instruments. Test instruments are very useful like Power Analyzer,and Spectrum Analyzer.

1. Measuring speakers, headphones, moving microphone: When normal it will be issued a crisp volume of "da" sound. If not, it is the coil off, if the sound is small and sharp, there is a flash problem, it can not be used.

2. Measured capacitance: With the resistance file, select the appropriate range according to the capacitance of the capacitor, and pay attention to the measurement of the electrolytic capacitor black table pen to be connected capacitor positive

3, in the road test diode, transistor, voltage regulator tube is good or bad: because in the actual circuit, the transistor bias resistor or diode, the voltage regulator tube peripheral resistance is generally relatively large, mostly in the hundreds of several thousand ohms, so , We can use the R × 10Ω or R × 1Ω file of  Digital multimeter to measure the PN junction in the road is good or bad

Digital multimeter