Introduction of Spectrum Analyzer SA9275

Dec. 11, 2017

Our new products have been listed to the market One after another.The former we have reffered the Arbitray waveform generators TFG2900A series, this time i will introduce the Spectrum Analyzer SA9275

Key features 

1.All digital IF technology 

2.Frequency range from 9kHz to 7.5GHz

3.160dBm Display Average Noise Level (Tpy)

4.RMW(-3dB):10Hz-1MHz, step 1-3-10

5.<-100 dBc/Hz Offest Phase Noise 

6.Total Ampltude Accurace <0.8dB

7.Advanced Measurement included channel power 

8.7 inch TFT LCD (800*480)display 

9.Standard interface of USB Device&Host, LAN and VGA 

10.Preamplifier and EMI filter are standardly configured.

Spectrum Analyzer