Application Reference of the spectrum analyzer SA9100 Series

Dec. 04, 2017

Spectrum analyzer SA9100 Series is our new prooducts, the following i will introduce the Application Reference for you.

1. Measure a single signal

The spectrum analyzer could be used to measure a Sine, including frequency,amplitude, harmonic and spurious.Analyze AM and FM signal characteristics

2.Measure an AM signal and user could observe the frequency and amplitude ofmodulated carrier and the frequency and modulation depth of AM signal.

3.Measure phase noise

The spectrum analyzers in current market are all available on this function and common difference value method is used to calculate the result. For example, to measure thephase noise if a 100MHz signal offset 10KHz.

4.Served as simple network analyzer

The spectrum analyzer with tracking generator can be served as scalar network analyzer.For example, use spectrum analyzer to measure S21 of filter. Connect the output port oftracking generator with input end of measured filter and the other output end of filter with RF input of spectrum analyzer, then the S21 of filter could be measured like below picture shown.

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 spectrum analyzer SA9100 Series