What's the structure of Signal Generators

Nov. 28, 2017

Last news we reffered that what is the Signal Generators.This artical will introduce the structure of the Signal Generators.

1. Internal structure with a sweep within the output function (The full band sweep time is less than 5 seconds)

It means that the low frequency signal generator has the function of automatic changing from low frequency to high frequency (or vice versa) to complete all frequencies in the middle of 100Hz - 20KHZ transformation of which frequencies change from low to high or high to low, and the time of this process is 5 second.

2. It has an external sweep control input interface (control signal for the voltage 0-5V, the control current is less than 1mA)

It means that the frequency output by the low-frequency signal generator can be controlled externally (with external control interface), the voltage of the external control frequency is 0-5V, and the control current is less than 1mA. When the external control voltage changes from 0-5V, the low frequency signal generator can be output from 100HZ to 20KHZ.

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