Do you know the application of spectrum analyzer

Aug. 16, 2016

(1) spectrum analyzer can be a good on the remote controller, walkie talkie, measuring emission receiver, cordless telephone, cable television CATV and communication machine wired and wireless system check signal frequency and the comparative analysis.

(2) spectrum analyzer can detect the vibration signal of the radio frequency circuit, if signal, transmit signal, etc..

(3) the frequency spectrum analyzer usually shows the information of the original signal which is not processed, and the voltage, power, cycle, waveform, side band and frequency.

(4) the measurements used in the spectrum analyzer are: spectral wave distortion, double tone cross modulation distortion and clutter detection.

(5) electromagnetic compatibility test (EMC): measuring the function of harmful electromagnetic waves emitted from various electronic devices.

(6) can also be widely used in teaching, scientific research.

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