Analysis of common problems of spectrum analyzer

Aug. 08, 2016

Q1. how to set up the spectrum analyzer to obtain the best sensitivity, to facilitate the observation of small signal

A: first according to the measured the size of the small signal set the corresponding center frequency, sweep width (span) and a reference level; then in spectrum analyzer does not appear under overload condition gradually reduce the attenuation values; if this measured small signal to noise ratio is less than 15dB, gradually reduce small RBW, RBW smaller, lower bottom noise spectrum analyzer, sensitivity is higher.

Q2. resolution bandwidth (RBW) the smaller the better?

A: the smaller the RBW, the better the sensitivity of the spectrum analyzer, however, the scanning speed will slow down. It is better to set up RBW according to the actual test requirement, to find the balance point between sensitivity and speed, which can not only ensure the accurate measurement of the signal, but also can get the fast measurement speed.

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