The Four Types of Signal Generator

Mar. 09, 2017

According to the different signal wave, there are four types of signal generator:

1.Sinusoidal signal generator. It is mainly used to measure frequency characteristic, non-liner distortion, gain and sensitivity of circuit and system. According to different performance and application, the signal generator can be divided into the low frequency signal generator (20Hz-10Hz), high frequency signal generator (100kHz-300kHz), microwave signal generator, sweep frequency and cell-type signal generator, frequency synthesis pattern signal generator.

2.Function signal generator can generate some certain periodicity function wave form signal. It can be applied in the other non-electric measurement field.

3.Pulse signal signal generator, which can generator the adjustable width, range and frequency signal. It can be used to test the systematic transient response or analog signal.

4.Random signal generator. It includes the noise signal generator and pseudo random signal.

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