Function signal generator

Mar. 09, 2017

The minimum output signal of the function signal generator could be less than 1mv. It is in the lead on this technology. The high-power function signal generator was the pioneer in our country. The feature of function signal generator is high stability, reliability, lower price. It has the unique output protection technology which can prevent the overloading, short circuit, misconnection and other wrong operation.

The implement method:

1.The function generator make up of the discrete component: it is usually the single signal generator with the not high frequency. The working of it is not stable and hard to debug.

2.The function signal generator with the integrate chip: it can generate many waveform, can reach a higher frequency and be easy to debug.

3.The function generator signal with DSS chip: it can generate random waveform and reach a very high frequency. But its cost is too high. 

signal generator