Spectrum Analyzer information

Mar. 09, 2017

SS2900 series cell-type radio frequency switch is supplied by our company, in addition to this, there are many information for the spectrum analyzer.

Direct current main is the device to form the steady current in the holding circuit. Such as dry battery, storage battery, direct-current generator,etc. The direct current main has two electrode, the anodal has a higher potential and the cathodal has a lower one. When we connect the two electrodes and the circuit, it can keep constant PD between two end of the circuit, in order to form the electric current from the anodal to the cathodal.

So, the direct current main is a energy transfer device, it can supply the energy to the circuit form other energy form, which can maintain the stable flow of the current.

There are the main applications:

1. Electrolytic condenser;

2. Test the resistor, relay, motor or other electronic components;

3. Automatic test equipment or electronic equipment in the lab;

4. Other occasion where needs the direct current main.

spectrum analyzer