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Universal Frequency Counter/Timer /Analyzer

SS7406 Universal Frequency Counter/Timer/Analyzer

Minimum measuring resolution 11 digits/s

Time resolution 25ps (Typ.)

4.3' TFT-LCD display to show abundant information also trendgram and histogram of statistical calculation visually

Firm and sophisticated standard 2U design

Standard interface of RS-232, GPIB and LAN

    Brief Introduction

    With high reliability large scale integrated circuit and CPLD device, SS7406 Universal Frequency Counter/Timer/Analyzer uses 16 bits micro core single chip to control functions, test sequential control, process data and display results. It also uses the multi-cycle synchronous and time-pressure transfer technique to promote the measuring accuracy. It can test frequency, cycle, time interval, pulse width, duty ratio, phase difference and also has the counting function. As to the frequency, it can test and calculate the multi average, maximum and minimum value, standard deviation, Allan deviation, single relative deviation. Clock frequency is 10MHz in the machine. It can be tested by the inside gate automatically and also can be triggered by the outside signal. The instrument can automatically detect the standard frequency 5MHz or 10MHz outside and can switch them. The instrument has the advantages of stable performance, multi-functions, wide testing range, high sensitivity, high accuracy, small size, nice appearance, easy to use and high reliability.

    Measuring Function
    Frequency RangeChannel 1: 1mHz-200MHz
    Channel 2: 1mHz-200MHz
    Channel 3: 3GHz/6.5GHz/12.4GHz/16GHz/20GHz/26.5GHz(option)
    Measurement Resolution11 digits/s
    Time Interval Range1ns-10000s
    Time Resolution25ps
    Pulse Width1ns-10000s
    Duty Cycle1%-99%
    Phase Difference1°~359°
    Dynamic Range50mVrms~1.0Vrms (Sine), 150mVpp~4.5Vpp (Pulse)
    Input Impedance1MΩ//35pF or 50Ω
    Coupling ModeAC or DC
    Input Attenuation×1 or ×10
    Trigger Level-5.000V~+5.000V, min.step 1mV or auto trigger level
    Other Functions
    Frequency Ratioratio value range:0.00001~999999
    Up/Low Limit'Limit'light on shows the result out of range, off shows within range
    Statistics CalculationMulti-average, Max, Min, PPM, SD, Allan Variance
    Standard Time Base
    Daily Aging1×10-8/day
    Yearly Aging5×10-7/year
    Optional Time Base
    Daily Aging5×10-10/day
    Yearly Aging5×10-8/year
    Channel Options

    Frequency RangeDynamic Range

    100MHz~3GHzA. -27dBm~+19dBm (100MHz~2.6GHz)                      -15dBm~+19dBm (2.6GHz~3GHz)
    100MHz~3GHzB. -27dBm~+19dBm

    200MHz~20GHz-10dBm~+10dBm (200MHz~350MHz)   
    -15dBm~+10dBm (350MHz~18GHz)   
    -10dBm~+10dBm (18GHz~20GHz)

    10GHz~26.5GHz-20dBm~+10dBm (10GHz~20GHz)
    -15dBm~+10dBm (20GHz~24GHz)
    -10dBm~+10dBm (24GHz~26.5GHz)
    General Characteristics
    InterfaceRS-232, GPIB, LAN

    Standard: AC220V (10%), 50Hz (5%), <70VA
    Optional: AC110V (10%), 60Hz (5%), <70VA
    Dimension & Weight454×97.5×480mm, 7.3Kg

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